Accra Baptist Guesthouse Rate Change

The Ghana Baptist Convention’s guesthouse in Accra is used by many of our volunteers when arrive in-country or before they leave. The guesthouse recently updated their rates and dining arrangments which you can find in the following PDF:  Accra Baptist Guesthouse 2018 rates.

More details on dining from the Guesthouse Management:

A new menu has been  introduced where guests will be able to request their choice of menu items from the extensive  list provided.  Each item is priced on the new menu.

Breakfast will as usual be served from 7.30 am but will continue till 9am. You may submit your request for breakfast the night before or in the morning to the front desk staff who will then pass it on to the kitchen.

From 9am onwards you may choose from the Snack or Main meal items on the menu.

Please allow up to 45 minutes for your meal to be served in the dining room. You will be required to sign the request sheet when you are served.

The last request shall be received by  5.15pm  and served before  the kitchen  closes  at 7pm. You may estimate the cost between the following ranges-

Breakfast & Snack Ghc15 – Ghc30.  Lunch or Dinner Ghc30 – Ghc40 per person.


We hope that this new arrangement will serve you better by giving you more options always.