Thanks, Drs. Waite, Pliskin, Fowler, Morehouse and Lee!

We are always amazed at the commitment of Dr. Vince Waite and the teams he brings semi-annually to BMC. This year his team consisted of himself, Dr. Dot Pliskin, Dr. Teresa Fowler, Dr. Sheila Morehouse and Dr. Lee…. Read More

Rest in Peace, Mr. Bawa

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the passing of Bawa Ziblim. Mr. Bawa served as a cook to BMC missionary doctors and volunteers for decades. He was a dedicated man whose service behind-the-scenes was critical to the quality care provided by the many volunteer physicians every year at BMC.

Thanks, Dr. Fuller Robinson

The ever-faithful Dr. Fuller Robinson has once again joined us this Spring to provide dental services to the people of Nalerigu and its surrounding communities. We are always happy to see him and grateful for his incredible work ethic!