Celebration Speakers

The 50th celebration was a 5 hour event with many different dignitaries and guests speaking. Following are some pictures of some of the speakers.

History of BMC

At the hospital’s 50th anniversary celebration, Dr. George Faile III gave a speech where he covered the hospital’s 50 year history in Nalerigu, Ghana. Listen to an excerpt from his speech.

Arrival of the Nayiri

When the Nayiri (paramount chief of the Mamprusi) arrives at an event, everything stops. The video clip below is of his grand entrance to the hospital’s 50th celebration event. He is preceded by a processional of beeping motorcycles, chiefs, and sub-chiefs, then he arrives in his car which is surrounded by drummers.

Celebration Song and Dance Videos

Several days ago we posted photos from the singing and dancing at the celebration Mass Choir Gingana Dance Group Bimoba Dance Group

Unveiling the Statue (Video)

For years a bust of founding physician George Faile II has stood in front of BMC. It was usually seen wearing his trademark hat and glasses. For the 50th anniversary celebrations the statue was repainted by local artist… Read More

Damba Dance (Video)

Last week we posted photos from the Damba dance. Here are the accompanying video clips. Damba Dance (1 of 2) Damba Dance (2 of 2)

Celebration Setup

Most of the setup for the big event on Saturday was done the previous afternoon. However, a huge thunderstorm rolled through in the early morning hours and blew over the chairs, tents, and decorations. As a result, the… Read More

50th Anniversary Celebration

We’ll be posting photos from the big celebration event on Saturday over the next couple days. We’ll start with photos of the singing and dancing that went on. Two different dance groups and a “mass” choir composed of… Read More