• From the BMC Scrapbook

    A collection of photos dating back to 1957 from the IMB and Faile collections

  • Northern Ghana Creatures & Critters

    Animals, birds, and insects found at and around BMC

  • Theater/OR

    The theater consists of two operating rooms and two minor procedure rooms.

  • Hospital Wards

    BMC has 8 wards: 5 adult wards, pediatrics ward, isolation ward, and maternity ward

  • Lab & X-ray

    The lab and x-ray facilities at BMC.

  • Public Health

    Photos of the Public Health Department facilities and mobile clinics.

  • Alafia Tinga

    Alafia Tinga or ‘Village of Good Health’ serves as the tuberculosis treatment center for BMC.

  • Around BMC

    Photos taken around the BMC compound

  • Koko Duu

    Koko Duu is BMC’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Clinic.

  • Clinic Day

    Photos taken on a typical clinic day (M,W,F) at BMC