• Volunteer Blogs

    Following are some blogs that were maintained by volunteers who served at BMC and in Nalerigu. If you are considering volunteering they are a great insight into the daily lives of volunteers at BMC.

  • Contact Info

    Address, phone and email contacts for BMC and Accra Baptist Guesthouse.

  • Personal Health

    Do not come expecting to get sick. Likewise, you should not do away with all caution and just expect God to take care of you. We feel that God gave us brains for a reason and one should… Read More

  • Medical Volunteers

    Information specific to medical volunteers who will be working at the hospital.

  • Learn Basic Mampruli

    Some resources that will help you learn basic Mampruli, the predominant local language in the North East Region.

  • What To Bring

    Pack light! Since BMC has meals available and washers/dryers you don’t have to  bring the kitchen sink.

  • Accommodations at BMC

    Find out about costs associated with housing, food and internet for volunteers.

  • Travel

    Virtually everyone whose final destination is Nalerigu flies into the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. There are several major airlines that fly into Accra, including KLM, British Air, Lufthansa, Air Emirates, Air France and Delta, direct from New… Read More