Donate Supplies


We would appreciate any medical items collected from your office or local hospital for our use here – i.e., items that are clean though not sterile but still usable (like a Foley catheter that is out of its wrapper but not used).

We can use:

  • GI staplers¬†(especially the EEA type)
  • Skin staples
  • Foleys catheters
  • NG tubes
  • Chest tubes
  • Urine collection bags
  • Stoma bags and related materials
  • Ligation clips (medium and large)
  • For a longer list, please check out our What to Bring page for Volunteers

We are unable to use most of the high tech stuff:  laparoscopy-related equipment (except staplers and clip appliers, which we can use), central venous catheters, etc.

Volunteers bringing donated medications is greatly appreciated but we cannot use expired medications nor partially used topicals or injectables. We cannot use all donated medicines (e.g., cannot use cholesterol-lowering meds) so if possible, please check with us before you come to see if we are able to use what you have.