Accommodations at BMC


One of the staff houses at BMCThe hospital compound has 12 houses. Several of those are occupied by career missionaries, others by hospital staff, and the rest are designated as guest houses for volunteers.  Houses 6, 7, and 8 are most often used by our visitors.

House #6 is split into several guest rooms, each with their own bathroom. House #6 is also where community meals are served daily (see “Food” below). There is air conditioning in a few of the rooms.

Bathrooms have hot water available for showers. Washers and dryers are available for use (see “Costs” below)


Volunteers enjoy a meal together after a hard day's workBMC has cooks employed to prepare meals for volunteers. The cost of meals is included in the daily rate to stay in our guest houses (see “Costs” below). Lunch and supper are prepared daily. Breakfast is not prepared. Instead there will be some items available such as eggs, cereal and oatmeal for you to prepare your own. You may want to bring breakfast bars for yourself.

Let us know ahead of your arrival of any special diet needs or requirements-vegetarian, diabetic,etc. If there are certain food items you feel you cannot “live without”, bring with you. You may also want to bring some snacks, granola bars, candy, dried fruit, crackers, etc


Internet access is available in House #6 via WIFI (using the MTN 4G cellular network). If you bring your own laptop or wifi-ready mobile device (iPad, iPhone, etc…) we can set it up to use the wireless internet.

**IMPORTANT** Our internet service is now much faster that it was in the past. However, we pay for the data we use – it is not an unlimited use service. Therefore we ask volunteers to be responsible in their browsing and avoid video streaming services and downloading large files.


Note that costs are listed in US dollars ($). Payment must be made to the BMC guesthouse in Ghana cedis (GHS). Please calculate your costs based on the current rate of USD->GHS.

All Inclusive – Lodging/Meals/Internet/TV per day

Per person rate * $25 (see amount in GHS) / $30 for Air conditioned room

Per Person rate is irrespective of whether rooms are shared or not. Rooms are given on a first- come first-served basis.


$35/person one way, $70/person RT


$5 per load washed & dried