Thanks again, Dr. Taylor!

Dr. Junior Taylor came back this year through Samaritan’s Purse to help in the area of plastic surgery. Dr. Taylor works as an ER physician in the US but has also trained as a plastic surgeon in the… Read More

Thanks, Anita!

Anita Zborkava joined us from a medical school in the Czech Republic. She is our fifth student from that part of the world and came on the recommendation of her friend and colleague Eva who joined us last… Read More

Thanks, Jon!

Fourth year medical student Jon Laird from UNC-Chapel Hill joined us for two months. Jon took advantage of the SBC IMB Student Department‘s “Medical Receptorship” program to come work with us. Dr. Haun participated in this same program… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Grossman & Christine!

Dr. Richard Grossman is a retired obstetrician from Durango, Colorado who isn’t content to sit around or play golf in his retirement. Always active and on the go, he came to BMC’s Public Health Department to facilitate a… Read More

Thanks, Miko & Rona

It was a pleasure to have recent med school graduates Mikolaj and Rona join us for a month at BMC. They were both extremely hard workers (they never took a day off!) and also lots of fun to… Read More

Thanks Again, Dr. Howard!

Dr. Jim Howard joined us again for nearly two weeks at BMC. This year he also organized a container full of medical supplies to be shipped to us. It is always a huge undertaking to fill a container… Read More

Thanks, Brinker Family + Macy!

It’s been about five years but we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Jared Brinker and his family back to BMC for the third time. They were accompanied by Macy, a family friend with a keen interest in medicine…. Read More

Thanks, Georgia & Sean Wheeldon!

It was a pleasure to have medical student Georgia Wheeldon and her husband Sean join us for over a month. Georgia was a great asset to the hospital and Sean did a wonderful job of getting involved in… Read More