Thanks, Christine!

Dr. Haun was especially glad to have 4th year med student Christine Maisano join her for a month of service at BMC. Why? Because they have been friends since primary school in the US and she was a… Read More

Thanks, Brady & Justin!

Justin and Brady are PA students that joined us from Trevecca University.

Thanks, Dr. Nguyen!

Auggy was a UPMC Family Medicine resident who join us via InMed.

Thanks, Dr. Waite & Team!

This year Dr. Waite joined us for six weeks and he led two different teams of five doctors in total.

Thank You Dr. Coppola & the OB/GYN team!

Dr. Lynn Coppola came back to BMC with Dr. Catherine Coffman and Dr. Jessica Bare

Thanks, Dr. Fowler!

It was a great joy to have our faithful volunteer physician Dr. Theresa Fowler joining us again this past month. We appreciate her commitment to returning to BMC annually for so many years! She also contributes the Hepatitis… Read More

Thanks, Seminole First Baptist!

This month a team of church leaders from Seminole, Florida, USA came to minister in and around Nalerigu. Rev. Mike Mott and his wife Marilyn have been with Seminole Baptist Church for over 20 years and welcomed Rev…. Read More

Thanks, WVU Team!

After the pandemic cancelled their plans last year, we were excited to receive a great team from WVU again this month.