Thanks, Daniel Shen!

Dr. Shen is a 2nd year resident from the Family Medicine program at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. He joined us for a month in November and December at a time when our physicians could really use the extra help.

Thanks, Drs. Waite and Younkin!

We’re greatly once again for Dr. Waite’s commitment to serving at BMC twice a year and bringing along residents with him. This month he was accompanied by Dr. Morgan Younkin as well as Dr. Fuller Robinson and Dr…. Read More

Thanks, Dr. Fowler!

We want to thank Dr. Theresa Fowler for coming out to work with us again at BMC. Particularly for her efforts in training and setting up protocols for diagnosing and managing Hepatitis B cases. Thanks, Dr. Fowler! See… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Vann!

Dr. Sotheavy Vann (or TV, for short) joined us in August from In His Image residency in Oklahoma. TV is a family resident but did a surgical rotation with Dr. Haun. She was very helpful in the OR… Read More

Thanks, Susanna!

Susanna Luontola is a Finnish medical student who joined us for a month in July. She was a hard worker and very interested in issues of nutrition and pregnancy among our maternity patients. We wish her the best… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Sandra!

Dr. Rebeca Sandra was our first resident from Romania! As a pediatric physician she was a huge help in our Peds ward and had a great bedside manner. We hope she returns and refers more Romania doctors our… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Faile!

Dr. George Faile III came out this month for 2 weeks to help give Dr. Haun some respite. We appreciate him taking the time to come and help and we look forward to seeing him again in November… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Winchell!

Dr. Zhanna Winchell was a family practice resident from JPS in Texas, USA. She spent a lot of her time assisting Dr. Haun with surgical procedures. We enjoyed having her with us and appreciate her hard work. Best… Read More