First Volunteers in 11 months!

We are so grateful to our friends and faithful volunteers Drs. Shumpert, Fowler, Coppola and Robinson for returning to BMC during the pandemic to serve. It was also wonderful to have accompanied by Mr. Tommy Harrison.

The entire team was vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming and successfully navigated the new travel protocols that are in place.

Dr. Shumpert volunteered to take over supervision of BMC’s COVID-19 isolation ward while she was here. This was a blessing as none of our staff have been vaccinated yet. Dr. Teresa was a huge help in OPD and Dr. Coppola jumped right into handling the many c-sections that needed to be done. Dr. Fuller Robinson (who is now 92!) did his favorite thing six days a week – he went with his dental crew out to remote villages to hold free clinics.

All of these volunteers have a long relationship with BMC (Dr. Robinson & Mr. Tommy since the 1980s!). Their desire to come as soon as they were vaccinated shows how faithful they are to God’s calling on their lives.