Thanks, Dr. Emily Sliz

Resident Dr. Sliz of JPS in Fort Worth, Texas joined us in April for a surgery rotation alongside of our surgeons Drs. Haun and Furtak.

Thanks, Drs. Waite, Pliskin, Fowler, Morehouse and Lee!

We are always amazed at the commitment of Dr. Vince Waite and the teams he brings semi-annually to BMC. This year his team consisted of himself, Dr. Dot Pliskin, Dr. Teresa Fowler, Dr. Sheila Morehouse and Dr. Lee…. Read More

Thanks, Dr. Fuller Robinson

The ever-faithful Dr. Fuller Robinson has once again joined us this Spring to provide dental services to the people of Nalerigu and its surrounding communities. We are always happy to see him and grateful for his incredible work ethic!

Thanks, Dr. Norman!

Dr. Norman and a resident physician joined us for a week after having worked in Wa and Tamale. Dr. Norman comes to us via Samaritan’s Purse ministries and specializes in providing life changing VVF repairs.

Thanks, West Virginia University Team

Drs. Becky & Jo Reece returned to BMC this past month for their annual visit with a team of WVU residents. Their crew is always hard-working and fun to be around. We appreciate our partnership with WVU and… Read More

Welcome Dr. Anastasiia Furtak!

We are excited to welcome Dr. Anastasiia Furtak to our volunteer staff at BMC. Dr. Furtak hails from Ukraine and is a licensed general surgeon. She will be working alongside BMC surgeon Dr. Heidi Haun until Dr. Haun… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Kai Chen

December is usually a month in which BMC is short on volunteer physicians to help out. So we were really thankful that MedStar Health Family Medicine resident Dr. Chen set aside her holiday plans to come work with us.

Thanks, Daniel Shen!

Dr. Shen is a 2nd year resident from the Family Medicine program at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. He joined us for a month in November and December at a time when our physicians could really use the extra help.