Celebrating Tommy Harrison & Dr. Fuller Robinson

Since the early 1980s, Tommy Harrison of Smith’s Station, AL and Dr. Fuller Robinson of Roanoke, VA have been coming to Nalerigu to serve at BMC.

Tommy volunteered as a field engineer doing maintaince work at the hospital, drilling wells in the the surrounding communities and advising on many construction projects over the years. Tommy amazingly taught himself Mampruli and setup preaching points in remote villages – many of which became churches.

Dr. Robinson setup the hospital’s dental program and has been doing annual (often bi-annual) trips to provide mobile dental services to villages in the region.

After a dinner of Tommy & Fuller’s favorite Ghanaian dishes, Rev. Mark Copolla gave a brief devotional highlighting how the two men’s decades of Kingdom work reflect the life of Christ they are compelled to imitate. Then the Faile Foundation president Dr. Paul Shumpert presented them each with a framed citation expressing appreciation for their service. They also received matching t-shirts that read “Well Done Good and Faithful Servant.”