Thanks, Maxime!

This path month we had the joy of hosting 2nd year McGill University medical student Maxime Billick at BMC for her Rural Family Medicine rotation. Maxime was quite the go-getter and had a wonderful experience here. We appreciate… Read More

Thanks, Alex!

It was our great pleasure to host 5th year British medical student Alex Tracy over the past two months at BMC. Alex was always positive and joyful even when malaria knocked him down for a full week. Alex… Read More

Thanks, Dr. Waite & Crew!

Six months have passed since we last saw Dr. Waite and like clockwork, he showed up again with two residents to help out for a few weeks. Drs. Jacklyn Cheng and Katrina Baumgartner accompanied Dr. Waite and worked… Read More

Thanks, Jennifer!

Jennifer Newcome was a 3rd medical student from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences who joined us for the month of February. This wasn’t Jennifer’s first medical mission trip to the Western Hemisphere and she adapted to… Read More

Thanks, Operation Hernia 2016!

Operation Hernia returned to BMC in 2016 for a week packed full of surgeries. This team featured Dr. Karl Moser of German and Vernon Sivarajah from UK. Dr. Moser’s wife Marion Koell accompanied the team and documented their… Read More

Thanks, Curtis!

Hailing from New Mexico, 4th year medical student Curtis Young spent the first two months of 2016 at BMC working alongside our physicians. Curtis came to BMC via the IMB’s Medical Receptor program.

Thanks, Dr. Jim!

Dr. Jim Howard once again joined us a BMC. We’ve lost count of how many times this talented and compassionate physician has come to BMC but we know it’s been about 10 years.

Thanks, Kristen!

We are grateful to have been joined over the past month by medical student Kristen Allcorn. Kristen joined us via Samaritan’s Purse and we had previously met her in 2014 at the InMed conference on medical missions held in Kansas City.