2013 Report on BMC Evangelism

Bart and Jane Anne Gibbs are career missionaries with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention who have served in Northern Ghana since 2011. They live at the BMC compound and provided us with some information on the status of evangelical work related to BMC:

The Nalerigu Baptist Association is presently made up of 54 village churches, spread over a wide area from west of Walewale, a couple of villages east of Sakogu and as far south as Gbintiri and Tooni. The neighboring Nakpanduri Baptist Association reports 23 churches. All of this work grew out of the witness of the BMC over the years.

There are six other village preaching points right now that I know of, one of which the Corams were instrumental in starting at the TB village, or Alafia Tinga. From the hospital chapel meetings (9:30 AM every clinic day), I offer the following conservative estimates:

  • At least 9000 people were within earshot of a gospel presentation during the past year.
  • From among these, some 2,250 made affirmative responses to invitation to faith and/or to request prayer.

From what I have observed over nearly three years, you could infer similar numbers from year to year over (at least) the past five years.