Hewitts Leave BMC

After nearly 25 years at Baptist Medical Centre, Dr. Hewitt and his family have moved to Richmond, VA. Dr. Hewitt and Mrs. Hewitt will be working at the IMB for the next couple of years.

The whole family, Earl, Mona, Emily, Abby and Benton will all be missed around the hospital, in Nalerigu and in the mission family.

The patients and staff at the hospital will miss Dr. Hewitt’s care and dedication. The countless volunteers will miss his teaching and advice in clinic and on the wards. And people in town will miss his greetings and visits.

The volunteers will also miss having Mona to help look after their needs and the great meals she fixed for so many. She will also be missed at NRU where she did Bible stories and in town where she shopped and visited.

Emily, Abby and Benton will be missed by all who go to Nalerigu and by the friends they made during their time there.

We wish them all the very best as they begin a new phase in their lives and ministry.