Videos from Nalerigu’s 2015 Damba Festival

2015 started off wonderfully with the annual Damba Festival’s lunar schedule having it conveniently celebrated on January 1-3. The word “Damba,” or “Damma” in Mampruli, means “that we will come together” and is an event celebrated for centuries in Mamprugu. Chiefs from all across the region come together for one giant “family reunion.”

Here are some video clips from each of day of activities.

Day One

On day one, the highlight was the various ethnic groups (Mamprusi, Bimoba, Frafra, etc…) presenting their unique dances.

Day Two

The central piece of festival came on the second day when the senior King’s drummer, accompanied by a phalanx of royal drummers, sings a list of the names of chiefs and their kingly fathers which begins with the founder and ends with the reigning king.1

Day Three

The final day is actually just a continuation of day two’s festivities. Revelers dance the night away until the Nayiri emerges with his entourage at sunrise. Each of the chiefs are then coaxed out to dance one by one until the Nayiri finally returns into his palace after about two hours.