April Volunteers

During April we had a large number of very helpful volunteers. They came as students, residents and as retired or practicing physicians.

Kathryn Hunt is a fourth year medical student from Florida. She will be graduating soon and going to Washington state for Family Practice residency. We hope some of the things she experienced and learned at BMC will be helpful as she starts residency.

Elizabeth Kunkel is also a fourth year student who will be starting her internal medicine residency. She is from New Jersey. You can check out her blog at www.elizabethghana.blogspot.com.

We also had a group from West Virginia University, four students and two faculty supervisors. Check out their blog to learn more about each of them and what they experienced. Dr. Sarah Moerschel arrived first with Mary Ann Kroll, Kevara Vaughn and Tracey Melham. Dr. Moerschell left and was replaced by Dr. Shelley Nuss and Rebecca Reece. We hope this will just be the first of other teams from WVU to come and work with us.

Dr. Dewey Dunn and Dr. Roy Renfroe returned again to work with us. They were joined on this trip by Ginger Hiley, a nurse. All of them were a big help. Dr. Dunn enjoyed having students and residents to teach and talk with with. Dr. Renfroe helped by doing a lot of surgery for us. Ginger helped the doctors and did some cleaning and organizing in the OR.

Dr. Brendan Reagan and Dr. George Sun are internal medicine residents who came and worked with us for about a week. Both are going to be doing fellowships when they finish residency. They were joined in Nalerigu by George’s brother Jerry who is a PA.

Christy Lee is a fourth year student from South Carolina. She had been in Nalerigu a couple of years ago so was not new to BMC. She will also be graduating soon and starting an OB/Gyn residency in July.

We thank all of those who came and all who supported them. We enjoyed getting to know everyone and appreciated their help and encouragement.