Thanks, Dr. Grossman & Christine!

Dr. Richard Grossman is a retired obstetrician from Durango, Colorado who isn’t content to sit around or play golf in his retirement. Always active and on the go, he came to BMC’s Public Health Department to facilitate a research project in partnership with the Navrongo Health Research Centre on pregnancy induced hypertension. His research assistant and long-time friend of BMC’s Dr. Haun accompanied him and they were assisted in their work by Richard Jangdow, son of BMC clerk Philip Jandow.

The study was a huge success because Dr. Grossman greatly exceeded the participation numbers he had anticipated. Dr. Grossman expressed his deep gratitude to Nelson, BMC’s Public Health Director, and Dr. Victoria, BMC’s Acting Medical Superintendent for making the study possible.

Now that Dr. Grossman has a Ghanaian visa and medical license, we hope that he will not delay long before returning to work with us again!