Thanks, Dr. Waite & team!

This March, Dr. Vince Waite returned and brought two residents with him, Drs. Cara McAnaney & Diane Smith. Despite the busy schedules at the hospital, Dr. Waite always finds time to visit his Mamprusi friends in the area. The team went out to nearby village Namoori to have a formal greeting with its chief. They enjoyed a meal of tz and sauce and guided visit the escarpment a few kilometers from there.

Drs. McAnaney and Smith were also courageous enough to step out of their comfort zones and follow Dr. Fuller Robinson on one of this mobile dental clinics. They drove east towards the Togo border and extracted teeth for nearly 150 people in the village of Chintilung#2. It’s always exciting to see young residents who are so eager to learn new skills so that they can provide the best care possible to their patients.

We look forward to seeing Dr. Waite again after the rains and we wish the best for Cara and Diane.