Thanks, Georgia Regents’ Team!

We were pleased to welcome our first team of volunteers from Georgia Regents University this past month. Dr. Howard Cohen, an Infectious Disease Specialist, led the team of five medical students. Brandon Bridguel is a 3rd year med student planning to work as a gastroenterologist. Joanna Eldredge is a 4th year med student going into internal medicine. Teddie Brandon is a 4th year med student planning to work in pediatrics. Jeff Donahue and Brett Magner are also 4th years and going into orthopedics and family medicine, respectively.

We had a wonderful time with this energetic team. They enjoyed not only a trip to Nakpanduri’s Escarpment but a chance to visit the paramount chief of all Mampurugu. Then immediately after their return to the US, all four of the 4th students graduated and headed off to begin their various internships.

We wish them all the best and hope each and every one returns to see us at BMC!

The team has posted all of their photos from their time in Ghana on Flickr for everyone to enjoy. They also kept a blog that you can read online.