Pray for Our Financial Situation

It has been a long time since we have written anything. This year it seems will be difficult financially for the hospital. Support from the IMB is down and we are having trouble collecting from the insurance schemes. In the meantime, we are as busy as ever. Please pray for our financial situation and if you want to support us, consider giving through the George Faile Foundation.

Faile Foundation Newsletter: Winter 2010

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Pray for Peace in the New Year

As we begin a new year at BMC, we pray for peace and freedom from fear for all involved in the ministry. The community is still feeling the effects of the shooting and death of Alando.

You’ll Be Missed Matt & Megan!

Two of the volunteers who have been at BMC for the past several months have now gone home. Amy Elrod and Matt and Megan Jones were a big help and will be missed. Please pray for those who are preparing to go help and for those who are there. We wish Amy and the Jones all the best as they adjust to life back in the US.

Tragedy for BMC and Nalerigu

On Thursday night, 12 November 2009 Moses Alando Banaba was on his way home from work at the hospital when he was attacked and shot three times with a high power rifle. He was taken to the hospital in shock and did not survive. Anyone who has been at BMC in the past twenty years should have met Alando in the pharmacy. He has been an important and respected part of the hospital. He has been a good friend to many of us through the years. Most recently he has been in charge of the pharmacy and a part of the management team.

He has also been active in the community, formerly teaching at the high school and running for political office. He will be greatly missed by his family, the community, the hospital and all of us who knew him.

Please pray for Alando’s family, for the hospital staff and for the community.

Jane Departs BMC

After nearly 18 years as pharmacist at baptist Medical Centre, Dr. Jane Paysinger left Nalerigu. She will be missed and we wish her all the best in her new endeavors. Hospital staff and missionaries gave her a send off during the week before she left.

BMC Women's Football Team

First there was a football match between the hospital women and teachers from the local secondary school.

Delegation from Hospital to Visit Nayiri Later a delegation went with Dr. Paysinger to say goodbye to the Nayiri, who is the paramount chief for the Mamprusi people.

Jane visits the Nayiri

Later, there was an official farewell where there were speeches, dancing and gifts.

Speeches DancingGifts

First Baptist Church also had a special farewell service for Dr. Paysinger.

Gifts from First Baptist ChurchSome of the Members FBC

Nalerigu station also had a farewell dinner and gifts for her.

Gifts from Nalerigu StationNalerigu Staion at Sendoff

Dr. Paysinger left Nalerigu with several new outfits and several citations/plaques. She is now living and working in Tennessee.

Container Arrives

In Early June of this year another container of supplies, bandages and envelopes arrived at BMC. For several years now Vicki Barnes has been heading up the Bandage Project. She and her volunteers from Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cartersville, Georgia always work hard to see that the containers are packed and ready for shipment. This year Vicki and her husband Tommy were in Nalerigu soon after the container arrived. They were able to help unload, unpack and sort through some of the many barrels that came.

We greatly appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in to see the project succeed. And we appreciate the support of Tabernacle Baptist Church. And of course the hundreds of people across the country who tear sheets and roll bandages are the ones who make the project possible. Thanks to everyone!!

Thanks to Tommy and Vicki Barnes, Erin Potter and Shirley Chupp for their help in unpacking, sorting and storing the contents of the barrels. We enjoyed having you with us for a short time.

Medical Supplies Being Shipped

A container has just been sent to BMC with two incubators, two autoclaves, five oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and over 130 barrels of medical supplies, bandages, and envelopes for pharmacy use.

Special thanks to Vicki Barnes and Tabernacle Baptist’s support of the Ghana Bandage project, Pat Howard for much of the medical supplies, Tarak Garas for the incubators, Steve Rutledge of Luke19-10 ministries for an autoclave, the Oxygen Store and Clear Choice in Rome, GA for donated oxygen concentrators, the numerous volunteers who roll bandages and send envelopes, and all of you who have helped with your financial contributions!

This was provided through the George Faile Foundation . Visit their website to see how you can support medical missions in Ghana.

Faile Foundation Newsletter: Spring 2009

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Baptist Medical Centre Welcomes New Doctor and Family

Dr. Joel Dickens, Hollie , Colt and abigail

Dr. Joel Dickens, Hollie , Colt and Abigail

In November the Dickens family joined us at BMC. Joel is an OB/GYN and they are planning to stay with us for two years. Hollie is home schooling Colt and taking care of Abigail and the rest of the family. Not only is it great to have an extra doctor, but the rest of the family is a welcome addition to the mission family. Please join us in praying for their continued adjustment to life here and pray for Hollie as she is expecting their third in a few months.