Hewitts Leave BMC

After nearly 25 years at Baptist Medical Centre, Dr. Hewitt and his family have moved to Richmond, VA. Dr. Hewitt and Mrs. Hewitt will be working at the IMB for the next couple of years.

The whole family, Earl, Mona, Emily, Abby and Benton will all be missed around the hospital, in Nalerigu and in the mission family.

The patients and staff at the hospital will miss Dr. Hewitt’s care and dedication. The countless volunteers will miss his teaching and advice in clinic and on the wards. And people in town will miss his greetings and visits.

The volunteers will also miss having Mona to help look after their needs and the great meals she fixed for so many. She will also be missed at NRU where she did Bible stories and in town where she shopped and visited.

Emily, Abby and Benton will be missed by all who go to Nalerigu and by the friends they made during their time there.

We wish them all the very best as they begin a new phase in their lives and ministry.

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Another Container on the Way

A group of volunteers recently met in Cartersville, Georgia to load another container of medical supplies for Baptist Medical Centre. Here are some pictures of the activities that day.

Many thanks to all who have made it possible to get this ready. Vickie Barnes and Cindy Shumpert have really put in a lot of hours to make this happen. But it would not have been possible without the donations, support and prayers of many others.


New Public Health Vehicle

Thanks to the generous support of donors to the George Faile Foundation, BMC now has a new vehicle for the public health department to use in village outreach ministry. For several years now the department has been in need of a good means of getting out to surrounding villages for preventive health services and evangelistic outreach.

It is often necessary to carry supplies and equipment so the car was ordered with a carrier. The roof rack came with the car, but was not put together and there were no instructions. Fortunately, Tommy Harrison was there to figure out how to put everything together properly.

Thanks to all who made it possible for Baptist Medical Centre to obtain such a nice and valuable addition to the ministry.

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Goodbye Dickens, Welcome Aubrey & Hakim!

We bid farewell to the Joel Dickens family in July.  Joel and Holly departed in late June/early July for a short stint Stateside to take care of some family business/recouperation prior to following the Lord to Cameroon.  Their plan is to head out in December or January to begin an assignment in Mbingo, Cameroon.  Joel will be starting an OB/GYN residency (training) program for West African, multiplying himself not only in terms of medical training, but also through the Word in Bible Studies.  We’re so grateful for the Dickens family and the time they spent here in Nalerigu!  You can follow them through their blog ( http://gowhereheleads.blogspot.com).

Meanwhile, we’ve been blessed with the services of two young Ghanaian doctors, Aubrey and Hakim, as they wait for posting into their residency programs here in Ghana.  Another Ghanaian doctor, Kusi, has also been working here and we’re grateful for their contributions.

The Lord leads on!!

Hewitts Stateside

The Hewitts have returned to US for furlough. we wish them all the best during the coming year. We look forward to what God has in store for BMC. We are grateful for the many volunteers who continue to come and help. And we are praying for some permanent, full time medical doctors who will come and carry on the work. Thanks to all who are there now supporting and encouraging.

BMC has a New Administrator


Baptist Medical Centre has a new administrator, Mr. Edward Addai. We pray that he will adjust well and bring new ideas and progress to the institution.