Greetings from Drs. Fort & Hewitt!

BMC’s Dr. Heidi Haun and her family were recently at a missions conference and met up with some BMC alumni.

Dr. Earl Hewitt (known locally as Waafu Gɔlum Gɔlum), who served as a physician and medical superintendent at BMC for over 20 years, was there with his wife Mona. He is currently serving as the Senior Medical Consultant for the SBC IMB.

Also attending the meetings were Dr. David Fort and his wife Laurel. Dr. Fort worked as a surgeon at BMC from the 1980s and well into the 90s. They are now living in the US where he works as the SBC IMB’s Lead Member Care Consultant.

What a blessing to see these friends of BMC in such good health and joy!

Accra Baptist Guesthouse Rate Change

The Ghana Baptist Convention’s guesthouse in Accra is used by many of our volunteers when arrive in-country or before they leave. The guesthouse recently updated their rates and dining arrangments which you can find in the following PDF:  Accra Baptist Guesthouse 2018 rates.

More details on dining from the Guesthouse Management:

A new menu has been  introduced where guests will be able to request their choice of menu items from the extensive  list provided.  Each item is priced on the new menu.

Breakfast will as usual be served from 7.30 am but will continue till 9am. You may submit your request for breakfast the night before or in the morning to the front desk staff who will then pass it on to the kitchen.

From 9am onwards you may choose from the Snack or Main meal items on the menu.

Please allow up to 45 minutes for your meal to be served in the dining room. You will be required to sign the request sheet when you are served.

The last request shall be received by  5.15pm  and served before  the kitchen  closes  at 7pm. You may estimate the cost between the following ranges-

Breakfast & Snack Ghc15 – Ghc30.  Lunch or Dinner Ghc30 – Ghc40 per person.


We hope that this new arrangement will serve you better by giving you more options always.

BMC Guesthouse Rates Updated

We’ve just posted updated guesthouse rates on our “Accommodations” page. Due to inflation over the past year we have had to adjust our rates to be in US dollars.

Head over the “Accommodations” page for more details about costs.

You can also download our latest rates as a PDF:
BMC Guesthouse Rates (April 2017)

2016 BMC Chaplaincy Report

Every year the chaplains at BMC compile a report about their work at the hospital. It is always a great source of joy and encouragement to see the spiritual impact BMC has on its patients and their caretakers. Here are the significant numbers from the 2016 report:

• 756 accepted Christ
• 910 rededicated their lives to Christ
• 83 terminally ill patients were counseled
• 305 people were followed up with

BMC is extremely blessed to have three chaplains who are passionate about evangelism and counseling. Rev. Rebecca, Rev. Adams and Victoria have a massive workload load considering that they are just three chaplains and the hospital receives tens of thousands of patients every year.

Join us in praising God for calling our dedicated chaplains to work at BMC and for using them to encourage and speak life-changing Truth to the patients. To God be the glory!

MDCG Physician License Renewal Fees Increase

The Medical Dental Council Ghana has increased retention (renewal) fees for licensed physicians from 200GHS to 400GHS (currently around 100USD). This affects all volunteer physicians who have previously been licensed and wish to return to serve at BMC.

You can see the new fees posted on their website in the Fees and Charges Amendment document (PDF).

Learn about Nalerigu’s Courtyard Poundings

Dr. Haun’s husband William has produced a short documentary about the courtyard pounding events the women of Nalerigu do together. It’s a great look at the traditions of Mamprugu and the spirit of unity in the community.

Tamale -> BMC Shuttle Cost Update

A minor update has been made to the BMC Guesthouse rates in regards to pickup/dropoff from Tamale. The roundtrip cost of 50GHS per person has been increased to 150GHS (40USD) in order to keep up with the cost of vehicle fuel and maintenance involved with the 300km+ drive.

The update has been reflected in the BMC Guesthouse Rates PDF.

BMC’s Dr. Emmanuel Akatibo Gets Married!

Congratulations to BMC’s own Dr. Emmanuel Akatibo on his marriage to Margaret Apini on Saturday, February 6th!

The beautiful ceremony was held at St. Kizito Catholic Church in Zaare-Bolgatanga. A large delegation of BMC staff attended the wedding as well as some of Margaret’s colleagues from Nalerigu Senior High.

After the ceremony, a reception was held at the National Health Service Conference Center in Bolga. There guests congratulated the newlyweds in person as they enjoyed refreshments and music.

We pray that God blesses this matrimony and we look forward to welcoming the newly weds back to BMC soon!

Congratulations, Dr. Haun & Family!

Congratulations to our own Dr. Heidi Haun on her newborn daughter Karen Jane (“KJ”). BMC’s wonderful midwives delivered the child on June 18th at 1:13pm. The beautiful little girl weighed 2.5kg and was 48cm long.

We are happy to report that both the mother and child are doing well and that Trey is very excited to be a big brother!

Videos from Nalerigu’s 2015 Damba Festival

2015 started off wonderfully with the annual Damba Festival’s lunar schedule having it conveniently celebrated on January 1-3. The word “Damba,” or “Damma” in Mampruli, means “that we will come together” and is an event celebrated for centuries in Mamprugu. Chiefs from all across the region come together for one giant “family reunion.”

Here are some video clips from each of day of activities.

Day One

On day one, the highlight was the various ethnic groups (Mamprusi, Bimoba, Frafra, etc…) presenting their unique dances.

Day Two

The central piece of festival came on the second day when the senior King’s drummer, accompanied by a phalanx of royal drummers, sings a list of the names of chiefs and their kingly fathers which begins with the founder and ends with the reigning king.1

Day Three

The final day is actually just a continuation of day two’s festivities. Revelers dance the night away until the Nayiri emerges with his entourage at sunrise. Each of the chiefs are then coaxed out to dance one by one until the Nayiri finally returns into his palace after about two hours.