Learn about Nalerigu’s Courtyard Poundings

Dr. Haun’s husband William has produced a short documentary about the courtyard pounding events the women of Nalerigu do together. It’s a great look at the traditions of Mamprugu and the spirit of unity in the community.

BMC’s Dr. Emmanuel Akatibo Gets Married!

Congratulations to BMC’s own Dr. Emmanuel Akatibo on his marriage to Margaret Apini on Saturday, February 6th!

Congratulations, Dr. Haun & Family!

Congratulations to our own Dr. Heidi Haun on her newborn daughter Karen Jane (“KJ”). BMC’s wonderful midwives delivered the child on June 18th at 1:13pm. The beautiful little girl weighed 2.5kg and was 48cm long.

Videos from Nalerigu’s 2015 Damba Festival

2015 started off wonderfully with the annual Damba Festival’s lunar schedule having it conveniently celebrated on January 1-3.

Christmas Eve Caroling

It has been a tradition of late for BMC’s expat staff and volunteers to go Christmas caroling in the wards on Christmas Eve. In addition to singing songs, the carolers pass out oranges to patients and their families.

Happy Thanksgiving!

BMC’s American workers celebrated their country’s Thanksgiving holiday together last night by inviting friends to join them for a traditional dinner.

BMC Turnover to GBC Ceremony

Photos, videos, and details about the ceremony marking the final handover of the hospital from the International Mission Board to the Ghana Baptist Convention.

BMC Volunteer Story: Dr. Heidi Haun

Dr. Heidi Haun shares how impactful her time volunteering at BMC was on her career and life.