Recent Volunteers April 2009

Amy Pennington is a final year pharmacy student who came and worked with us for several weeks. We enjoyed having her and wish her all the best as she begins her residency at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Alan Heins… Read More

Recent Volunteers

We have had quite a lot of volunteers since we last posted, so here is an update on volunteers since last time. These are those who finished out 2008 and started 2009. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures… Read More

Bring Your Stethoscope

Medical volunteers help sustain Baptist Medical Centre By Emily Peters NALERIGU, Ghana (BP)  — Villagers line up outside the Baptist Medical Centre in northern Ghana as soon as the sun peeks over the mountains of this mud-hut town…. Read More

Fall Volunteers

During the past few months we have had a number of volunteers who have continued to provide good help and support. Below are the most recent visitors, some of whom are still with us. Dr. Doug Parkin is… Read More

Summer Volunteers

I am a little late posting this group of volunteers. We had a variety of people with us this summer and enjoyed the time they were here. Annelie and Miriam were two medical students from Sweden. They not… Read More

Volunteers in May 2008

We were blessed to have a lot of people come our way in May. There was quite a variety of people and they each added something unique to the place. Dr. Sam Gillis is a retired surgeon from… Read More

April Volunteers

During April we had a large number of very helpful volunteers. They came as students, residents and as retired or practicing physicians. Kathryn Hunt is a fourth year medical student from Florida. She will be graduating soon and… Read More

Volunteer from Tennessee

Dr. Christy Lawson is a third year surgery resident who came and spent a month with us. We certainly enjoyed having her and she was a great help in covering surgery call and doing elective procedures. She was… Read More