Volunteer from Tennessee

Dr. Christy Lawson is a third year surgery resident who came and spent a month with us. We certainly enjoyed having her and she was a great help in covering surgery call and doing elective procedures. She was… Read More

Team from Buffalo

A team of two doctors, a pre-med student and a medical student spent a few days with us in March. Dr. Emme Nylander, an OB/GYN and Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, a Urogynecologist, Heather Ross, a medical antropologist and Shereene… Read More

Cindy Shumpert Back Again!

Dr. Cindy Shumpert, a Family Practice physician from Rome, Georgia was here from Feb. 29 through March 14. Cindy has been here many times during the past several years and is always a big help. She and her… Read More

Clarksville TN Team

Also in February we had a large team of volunteers from Clarksville Baptist Church. They have chosen the Bissa people group to work with in presenting the Gospel. Here in our area the Bissa are called Busansi and… Read More

February Volunteers

We had a good number of people come to work with us in February. Medical students, residents, practicing physicians, a dentist and family. Dr. Chris Sizemore is a Ob/Gyn resident who came for three weeks and helped a… Read More

Help From Georgia and Alabama

Dr. Paul Shumpert put together a team to come and help toward the end of January and into February. Dr. Shumpert is President of the board of the George Faile Foundation and has been to BMC several times…. Read More

More Volunteers in January

Dr. Bud Young an OB/Gyn from Tennessee and Dr. Megan Shaw, a second year internal medicine/pediatric resident came as a team for a couple of weeks this month. Dr. Young was able to help by doing a number… Read More

Non-Medical Volunteers

Not all our volunteers are involved in medical work. Recently, Herman and Doris Jordan from Tennessee spent 2 weeks doing Bible studies and preaching in villages near the hospital. They reported that over 100 people made professions of… Read More