Help From Georgia and Alabama

Dr. Paul Shumpert put together a team to come and help toward the end of January and into February. Dr. Shumpert is President of the board of the George Faile Foundation and has been to BMC several times. He is an Emergency Room physician in Rome, Georgia.

Dr. Walt Boutwell made his first visit to BMC. He was sick when he first arrived, but recovered and stayed to work. He is a Neonatologist from Montgomery, Alabama. He helped care for a number of very sick babies and had a lot of suggestions to make for improvements.

Wes Turner is an Electrical Engineer from Rome, Georgia and has been to BMC on a number of occasions to help improve the electrical system at the hospital.

Chuck Holmes is a pharmacist and he also made his first trip to BMC. He seemed to enjoy his time here and we expect to see him back some day. He, of course, helped out in the pharmacy, but also took a trip out to some of the nearby villages with Tommy Harrison.

Doug Johnson is a fourth year medical student from Birmingham, Alabama. He had planned to go to Kenya for his overseas experience, but when problems developed there, he asked to come with the others to Nalerigu. We enjoyed his time with us and hope he is not disappointed in his second choice.