More Volunteers in January

Dr. Bud Young an OB/Gyn from Tennessee and Dr. Megan Shaw, a second year internal medicine/pediatric resident came as a team for a couple of weeks this month. Dr. Young was able to help by doing a number of gyn surgeries for us and handling our emergency c-sections. Dr. Shaw helped by taking call, seeing patients in clinic and assisting with minor procedures. We enjoyed having them with us.

Dr. Tomas Rebora came in October at time when we were really short. He is from Argentina and was in Ghana to work at a nearby hospital. He came to BMC to do part of his orientation to enable him to be licensed in Ghana. He was with us for three months and was a big help in taking call, seeing clinic patients and assisting in the OR. We wish him all the best as he heads to Guinea to work.

Maryse Larouche is a third year medical student from Canada. We enjoyed having her with us as she learned about medical work in the developing world and assisted us with call, in clinic and in the OR. We hope the time she spent with us will help her decide what specialty she will pursue after medical school.