Summer Volunteers

I am a little late posting this group of volunteers. We had a variety of people with us this summer and enjoyed the time they were here.

Annelie and Miriam were two medical students from Sweden. They not only had to adjust to tropical medicine, but also to American peculiarities and customs. They did well and it was a pleasure to have them with us.

Dr. Andy Norman is an Ob/Gyn from Vanderbilt Medical School. He had been a missionary in Nigeria for many years and was in Nalerigu as a medical student years ago. It was nice to see him again.

Dr. Donnie Crawford and his wife Beth and son Jacob spent a short time with us. Dr. Crawford has been here before and it was nice to have him back. Andy Ready came with them as a medical student.

Dr. Heather Till Patton is a family practice resident. She came with her mother Ada Till. This was their first visit with us. Ada did some teaching at the local high school.

Drs. Vince Waite, Dot Pliskin and Sheila Morehouse came to provide coverage while the career staff went to a meeting in Ivory Coast. They were assisted by Dr. John Raser, a family practice resident and Julie Legere an OR nurse. Sheila’s daughter Claire came along also.

Dr. Kate Celauro is an Ob/Gyn resident who spent several weeks with us. She was a big help in dealing with the many OB and gyn cases we see.

Dr. Lynn Coppola is another Ob/Gyn who came with her husband Mark and two beautiful daughters, Sara Grace and Elizabeth. Mark worked with the chaplains while he was here.

Ellen Vaughn, Nancy Kalutz, Joyce Dixon, Shirley Holloman and Patsy Waters are a group of ladies from South Carolina who came and did Bible school in the town. They had huge crowds of children to deal with, but did well. Patsy was here for the second time.

Emilie Sunde came with the Copollas to see what medical missions is all about. We enjoyed having her here.

Gene Covington is a pharmacist who used to be in Nalerigu as a career missionary. He was the leader of the group with Vince Waite and the others. Dr. Teresa Clark Fowler was also in the group. She is an internist in Atlanta. She and her husband Mike and daughter Elizabeth came with her. Elizabeth was sick the last few days she was here.

Janie Hemphill is a medical student from UMKC. She worked hard and was a big help during her time here.

Julie Myhren is a pharmacy student who came and worked in the pharmacy. She did a good job of cleaning out and organizing the pharmacy storeroom.

Oli Simpson and Andy McGovern came from England for a few weeks. Oli has recently finished his medical school training and was here for the second time. Andy is still in medical school.